Best Internet of Things Startups in the UK for 2017!

IoT Most Notable Startups 2017


So far this year, Internet of Things has elicited so much hype with the promise to connect all wearable devices and the cloud; the technology has enormous potential. Startups are coming up each day to provide a platform for the funding of internet of things technologies. From remote energy monitoring, proximity advertising, a clever car alarm, soil sensors for farming to home heating, the possibilities are simply limitless.

In the UK, here are the most promising internet of things startups eager to embark on making this amazing technology a reality;

Product Health

Set up in 2013, Product Health is designed to telemetrically issue alerts for solar and battery home systems. This is crucial to manufacturing companies as they get alerted whenever a customer’s solar or battery system needs maintenance or repair.


When it was launched back in 2011, this startup was operated by two people but today, it has grown into a multi-million pound online platform with working locations in three countries. The company manages data for clients in real time, effectively connecting their customer products with the web. The products range from home to cars to beer bottles or clothes.

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DevicePilot (formerly 1248)

After its launch in 2013, this consultancy startup immediately trained its sights on IoT device management as well as scaling up IoT technologies and products. The pilots started out small and have now grown to millions of devices, all connected. Through it, open IoT standards like HyperCat have been developed, enabling interoperability.


Though it is no longer technically a startup after its acquisition by Huawei for an impressive £17 million back in 2014. In the IoT, Neul still commands inclusion as a pioneer. This is mostly attributed to its narrow band cellular IoT’, a cutting-edge investigative tool for the workplace developed by the company’s R&D centre, Cambridge.


This internet of things platform is tailor-made for farmers who are after boosting their efficiency the smart way. The in-field sensors collect huge data amounts which are processed and enable the farmer to make profitable decisions. Precise information on cloud cover, rainfall amount, wind speed and so much more is collected around the clock.


Data generated by the internet of things devices could soon be published centrally in this open platform available through subscription. Real-time media will be available apart from providing people with an easier connection, deployment and remote monitoring of internet-connected devices.

Ever thought of sharing links while using sound? This ingenious internet of things platform doesn’t use connections such as Bluetooth but rather, pressing on the yellow chirp button sends links and anyone with the app on hears it.

Blue Sense Networks

The platform aims to provide proximity engagement solutions’ which includes interactive apps found in museums, personalised customer discounts and advertising as well as home automation products. This and much more run on the iBeacon hardware. Smart signage is in the offing too.

This reinvented car alarm alerts you off so much more than sound alarms. Through its app, the internet of things startup by Cambridge continuously updates you on the location and state of your car through tracking a device in the car. The company promises to alert you immediately in an eventful circumstance.


Rather than use the thermostat for your entire house, these IoT startup switches the heat off in rooms you aren’t occupying currently. The radiator is centrally-heating, with test runs for the device currently underway.


The brain at the heart of your home’ links all your smart devices in a single place, letting you control everything at home through your smart device. It works impeccably offline and its compatibility extends to all devices. From wherever you are, this internet of things product allows you to remotely monitor smart home appliances.


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