Best IoT Platforms 2017

What is IoT?


IoT stands for Internet of things. It is a system of physical objects such as devices, vehicles, buildings and other objects which are embedded with software, electronics, sensors and network connectivity which are used to support these objects to gather and interchange data. It is also viewed as a tool which brings together process, people, data and things to form networked connection more valued and applicable than ever before to turn information into actions that form new capabilities and experiences for individuals, business and countries. In simple words, IoT is used to relay information using internet transfer protocols.


There are many IoT platforms in which renowned are


Amazon Web Service IoT

Amazon Web Service (AWS) IoT is among top iot platform provides a device SDK, which ensures registry for recognising devices, device shadows, secure device gateway and a rule engine which works to evaluate inbound messages. It is very easy to connect sensors on cars, sensor grids, turbines and light bulbs with this platform. We can also store, process and analyse data using AWS. It is in partnership with Intel, Texas Instruments and Qualcomm to create new components of starter kits of IoT.

IBM Watson

IBM’s Watson analytics platform is directed as IoT use cases. It allows users to set up and achieve IoT linked devices via its hybrid cloud platform and IBM’s blue mix as a service development platform. The platform clients obtain device management, real-time statistics exchange, and data storage and secure communication. The company has also publicised the achievement of Weather Company by adding data sensor data and weather to its Watson IoT service.

Microsoft Azure IoT

With Microsoft Azure cloud services, the Azure IoT suits include feature of identity registration, device surveillance or shadowing, information checking and monitoring and rules engine. This IoT platform integrates existing products which include Azure Stream Analytics to process the huge amount of statistics and information in real time.

Cisco IoT Cloud Connect

Cisco is among leading providers of mobile operators in providing IoT solutions. It has a large amount of features and functionalities among which most prominent ones are the providence of voice and data connectivity, SIM lifecycle management, IP session and customizable reporting and billing. It also aids in monetize during improving your networks.


Salesforce which is powered by thunder is an IoT solution focus on customer engagement. The platform can have its name in building rules for business and gather statistics and data from sensors, devices and websites to push out computerised messages to customers. The acknowledged data is examined to enhance custom and practical actions and business insight.


How IoT leverage business

In many ways, IOT can leverage your business but for this, you must have the careful consideration to take full advantage of opportunities IoT offers. Business needs to consider who they need to work with and what they need to do in order to adopt successfully IoT into their business.

The very core point of IoT is the capability to transfer data in real time. So prior to this, companies can incorporate IoT plan and strategies into their business, they need to assume more effective performances in controlling the data they already gather.

This needs the identification of what is coming into the business and offers a better use of IoT. In addition to this, the platform of IoT and other technologies have been abnormal with old-styled industries.


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Now the big business need entrepreneurs and investment, whereas entrepreneurs have innovative solutions and products companies want. Due to this, working in partnership not only benefit the individual but also the customers they wish to serve.

IoT also leverages one’s business by making an alliance. If the company is ready to bring IoT into their business, they will need to know who can assist them to do so.

For many businesses, it is no longer tactically sound to depend on internal abilities, skills and aptitude. But they have to take in external specialists and experts who have the knowledge, experience and information to assist in making decisions that will not merely bring the very finest IoT software, applications and hardware into the business but also determine and control how to best combine and associate into the company’s current system and structure.

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  4. The very core point of IoT is the capability to transfer data in real time. So prior to this, companies can incorporate IoT plan and strategies into their business, they need to assume more effective performances in controlling the data they already gather

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