Amazon Echo V Google Home

Amazon Echo V Google Home Smart Speakers

Deciding the best smart speaker, Amazon Echo v Google Home, requires an in-depth look at both; the similarities can be confusing. Amazon was the first to come up with a smart speaker, the Echo, which was quickly followed up with the Echo wireless and Echo Dot.

Google noticed the opportunity and jumped at it with Google Home not very long ago; it comes with fresh Google Assistant tricks. They may not be perfect but Amazon Echo v Google Home make for an interesting and refreshing way you listen to and control music the smart way. Which would suit you best? Here are the differences;


Amazon Echo

This cylindrical table-top system features far-field microphones in seven directions, producing a stereo-surround feeling in a closed room. The neat speaker only has two buttons; one for manual activation of Alexa and the other for muting. Turning the top of the speaker increase volume and vice versa.

Google Home

Much shorter in stature than its compatriot, this smart speaker only features one button on its back for muting. Primarily available in white, the speaker has an interchangeable base with several colour options to choose from. Its slanted top is touch sensitive and used for volume control. With far fewer microphones than Amazon Echo, it’s still pretty audible from across the room.

In terms of style, Google Home is the ultimate winner, with Amazon Echo appealing to folks who love big and loud. Google Home fits perfectly in any room of your home, especially so with its customizable colour.


When it was first released in the UK, Amazon’s smart speaker wasn’t good at picking up non-US accents, a factor that has improved since then. In contrast, Google Home has been consistent in understanding and responding to all accents; in all fairness, however, Google has numerous resources at its disposal to make it right.

Both speaker systems have a decent sound that is well balanced and audible around the room. Due to their small sizes, they still remain incapable of replacing the more expensive and complex sound systems. The range isn’t too bad, though.

The features

When pitted against each other, Amazon Echo V Google Home have simple features that are convenient in a smart environment. Once you’re online, Amazon Echo provides you with tonnes of skills to download and incorporate. These include news, Uber, Pandora, Amazon Music, Spotify and so much more.

Google Assistant doesn’t disappoint either; it is able to give audio feedback in different languages and depicts a number of sound animals; all for your exploration. Google Home is also able to link up with other sound systems at home and work simultaneously.


Google Home is currently retailing at $129, $50 cheaper than the larger Amazon Echo; Echo packs more mics and projects music over a slightly wider range. The Amazon Echo Dot, retailing at only $50, is way cheaper but provides all smart functionalities.

Verdict on Amazon Echo v Google Home

Alexa does more than Google Assistant due to its larger skills library; undoubtedly, Google Assistant will catch up really soon. Home is visually captivating and looks somewhat of an air freshener. Both are perfectly smart and will keep you captivated!

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